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Product Inventor

About Us

We came up with an idea....

Sitting at the table in the kitchen eating breakfast, the idea just popped into our heads and immediately the journey began for Ivan and Ed to see what we could do with this new found concept for the “plain old SMS.

Three and a half years later, the Onli SMS App has become a reality and is just being prepared to be launched onto the Google Playstore for the first time.

The Onli SMS App has evolved into a magnificent program that appeals to the masses and allows for language translations and communication between people all over Africa on a common translation platform.

As a Beta Version, it will be tested and refined until absolutely perfect, however, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve the Onli SMS App to better enhance your lives with our incredible features and benefits.

Thanks for visiting and have an awesome day with the Onli SMS App.

Ivan, Eddie, Jonathan and Bevan.